Sucker Creek Trail, photography by Kay Ekwall,
Music, "Walking on Sacred Ground" by Bernadette Wulf




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This is a Grayback Campground Accessible Trail

This is a great trail for people who want to wheel or stroll through the woods and enjoy the sound of the stream and forest from
one of several  benches and decks overlooking the river. Part of the trail is situated between Sucker Creek and the campground,
which makes it possible to follow the trail one direction and return to your car on the paved campground road.
The other part of the trail crosses over a foot bridge and follows the stream for about a quarter of a mile
above Grayback Campground. The trail has a gravel surface and may be challenging for wheelchairs not designed for this type of surface.
Maps and more information at the link


Sucker Creek has a special significance in Oregon history because this was one of the locations where gold discoveries set-off the Oregon gold rush of 1851.
A short summary of the almost simultaneous discovery of gold in Illinois Valley by two separate groups can be found in Oregon’s First Gold Discovery.

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